Top 5 London Spoons

Our spoons travels have taken us far and wide, and we are often asked our favourite Spoons.

Here is a collection of our top picks exclusively in London. Taking into account location, architecture, loos and history. Click the links for our full review.
So in no particular order:
The Metropolitan Bar – for its central location, gorgeous gold doric columns and Egyptian style pimped out loos.
Knight’s Templar – this warrants a place for the loos alone. Away from the main drag, this secret feeling Spoons is pregnant with history.
Crosse Keys – full of different, former committee rooms, this square mile Spoons has a cathedral quality and more hand pumps at the bar than any other.
Hamilton Hall – this former ballroom turned Spoons is fit for royalty, and conveniently situated at Liverpool Street station.
Ledger building – this grade listed Spoons is absolutely stunning and provides an amazing view of the city.

Honourable mentions:
Victoria Station’s spoons feels like a true Spoons of the future and is super convenient while waiting for a train.
Penderel’s Oak – for its creeping ivy and proximity to Holborn




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