Valentine’s at Victorian Bathhouse

We wanted to do something special for valentines, as each other’s true love and one and only. We passed this building on one travels in London one fateful day, which looked like a grand little mosque and discovered its actually an events venue.

So many moons ago we booked an hour at this gorgeous Turkish bathhouse near Liverpool St. Build in 1895, it has a complicated history and retains more than a hint of mysticism.

Equipped with our matching best friend necklaces we entered, unsure of what to expect beyond unadulterated grandeur. Once inside and at a little booth we swapped gifts and declared our love for one another in this beautiful setting. We booked one hour and it was a very fancy hour of our lives indeed. We could definitely have stayed longer, the staff were not trying to boot us out. But we wanted Mcdonalds.


A very friendly Aussie barman greeted us with a luscious free gin and something which tasted like an alcoholic sunset. We supplemented these with beers and revelled in the loveliness.

Our only regret is not taking more pictures of this sumptuous place. Definitely worth a trip, if we had any other friends for sure we would take them, whomever they were, prince or pauper they couldn’t fail to be impressed by this luxurious little underground palace.



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