Bleecker Street Review

We visited Bleecker Street after being told it offered “the best burger in London”. So while we were nearby Victoria station, we visited at long last.

It was a bit hipstery for our liking, but on we went, determined to give it a try.
We ordered bacon cheese burgers, vanilla milkshakes and a portion of fries. The total was exactly £27.

We got one of those vibrating things which made us feel terribly important.
We received well sesame seeded buns, which always brings an air of authenticity to a burger. The bacon sang. It was cooked to crispy perfection and utterly delectable.
The burger was pretty pretty good – but not quite Samuel L Jackson eyes closing bliss.


Maybe we could go up a size if we visited again because it was a little on the small side.
The chips were exquisite, perfectly salted and plentiful – a shared portion satisfied us both, unlike 5 Guys starving family small sized portion.
Our milkshakes were gorgeous – but like every milkshake that isn’t from Shake Shack pale in comparison to their creamy custardy thick creamy lard laden dream.
A homeless man came in and asked all the patrons for money for a burger. He was very determined to have a Bleeker St burger, not Shack Shake or any of the surrounding burger establishments, Bleeker St must of been very special to him. It wasn’t really to us.
Cheaper than we expected, we would for sure visit again, but the burger wasn’t the stuff of dreams we were anticipating.



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