Spoons Tours – the Barking Dog

Right by Barking station, a pint in this Spoons cost a mere £3.29. It’s name references Barking’s fishing history, much of which was conducted off the coast of “doggerbank”.

Barking is a scary place – we just popped in for a quick one. I was temporarily alone w our drinks and I was scolded by some old men who thought I had two pints for myself and reprimanded me. This little Bobby Moore corner was a nice touch, but located by the worst seats in the world, making the sitter feel v small and uncomfortable.

IMG_2833 2

The staff are lovely and friendly, faces belying serving Barking locals all day. We shared a fag in this pitiful smoking area underneath the facade that has a bit of a seasidey feel. If you have to go to Barking and you want a pint, absolutely go to this Spoons. We downed our pints and rushed to get on the train, luckily the station is right next door.



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