Spoons Tours – The Barrel Vault

We read of this Spoons and were very excited to visit it. We often find ourselves in and around King’s Cross so were very pleased with the location.

Named the Barrel Vault for the site’s history of storing beer, it is a very modern Spoons, sans carpet. Spacious and with a smoking area, we were immediately impressed by its imposing Spoonsy grandeur.


We both had an ultimate burger (we were actually v disappointed in the Spoons christmas menu this year), and our trusty Kronie. An individual pint cost £4.40, very reasonable for the area.

The staff we spoke to were all absolutely lovely, and the pub had a nice feel to it, even if it was a bit All Bar One.

The loos were quite special and we returned a couple of times.



It has more in common with a Spoons like the Mossy Well, than a Spoons of the fine calibre of Hamilton Hall or the Knight’s Templar, but of course, is a welcome addition to St Pancras, and we shall definitely be visiting again.



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