Spoons Tours – The Red Lion and Pineapple

On the 21st of December we went to see the Book of Mormon. We absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it. Beforehand, we had some time out in London and decided to visit some Spoons we had hitherto never been.



Firstly, we went to the red lion and pineapple, we loved the name and arrived to a Spoons w Kronenbourgs at 3.19 each (v bloody cheap even by Spoons standards) and the place was adorned w beautiful lions, proud and majestic. And twinkling fairy lights contributed to the Christmas spirit somebody had clearly made efforts to create.


We found a secret seeming door and had a fag in the sweet little garden, we were advised not to sit on the wall, (lest we get piles) by a fellow wall dweller (which confused us no end) then returned inside w our drinks, basking in the lions around us.
We shared some festive pigs in blankets then continued with our special day.

We would definitely visit this Spoons again, the price was right, the decor was lovely and the garden was a joyful cul de sac

IMG_3978 2.JPG


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